Movsar Evloev UFC/MMA fighter

Movsar Evloev

AGE: 25

WEIGHT: Featherweight (145lbs)

HEIGHT: 5ft 7" (170cm)

REACH: 72.5" (184cm)

STANCE: Orthodox

RECORD: 11-0-0 (W-L-D)

CAMP: Tiger Muay Thai

Movsar Evloev Russia flag

Born: Ingushetia, Russia

Movsar Evloev - Graph showing Win & Loss record in KOs, Submissions & Decisions
WinSeung Woo Choi145Fight Night 149 - Overeem vs OleynikApr 20th 2019St Petersburg, RussiaDEC (U)35:00
WinRafael Dias135M-1 Challenge 95 - Battle in the Mountains 7Jul 21st 2018Ingushetia, RussiaKO50:21
WinSergey Morozov135M-1 Challenge 88 - Ismagulov vs TutarauliFeb 22nd 2018Moscow, RussiaSUB (RNC)33:47
WinPavel Vitruk135M-1 Challenge 81 - Battle in the Mountains 6Jul 22nd 2017Ingushetia, RussiaDEC (U)55:00
WinAlexey Nevzorov135M-1 Challenge 76 - Nevzorov vs EvloevApr 22nd 2017Ingushetia, RussiaKO22:15
WinLee Morrison140M-1 Challenge 73 - Battle of NartsDec 9th 2016Ingushetia, RussiaDEC (U)35:00
WinAlexander Krupenkin135M-1 Challenge 66 - Nemkov vs YusupovMay 27th 2016Orenburg, RussiaTKO14:09
WinDjulustan Akimov145M-1 Global - Road to M-1: Battle in Nazran 3May 7th 2016Ingushetia, RussiaSUB (RNC)22:01
WinAndrey Syrovatkin145M-1 Global - Road to M-1: Battle in Nazran Dec 12th 2015Ingushetia, RussiaSUB (RNC)11:44
WinZhenhong Lu141M-1 Challenge 58 - Battle in the Mountains 4Jun 6th 2015Ingushetia, RussiaDEC (U)25:00
WinJianwei He135M-1 Challenge 53 - Battle in the Celestial EmpireNov 25th 2014Beijing, ChinaSUB (RNC)22:56


(U) - Unanimous   (S) - Split   (M) - Majority