Wang Guan UFC/MMA fighter

Wang Guan

AGE: 31

WEIGHT: Featherweight (145lbs)

HEIGHT: 5ft 11" (180cm)

REACH: 71" (180cm)

STANCE: Orthodox

RECORD: 17-1-1 (W-L-D)

CAMP: Xian Sports University

Wang Guan China flag

Born: Dongbei, China

Wang Guan - Graph showing Win & Loss record in KOs, Submissions & Decisions
WinAlex Caceres145Fight Night 122 - Bisping vs GastelumNov 25th 2017Shanghai, ChinaDEC (S)35:00
WinBakhtibek Khojaev145Glory of Heroes - Conquest of Heroes 2Dec 3rd 2016Henan, ChinaTKO1
WinShane Young145Wu Lin Feng 2015 - New Zealand vs ChinaSep 19th 2015Auckland, New ZealandDEC (U)35:00
WinAliyar Sarkerov145Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation FuJun 7th 2014Shanghai, ChinaTKO22:50
WinJerson Estoro135Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation 12Mar 29th 2014Shanghai, ChinaKO1
LossBekbulat Magomedov145Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation 11Nov 30th 2013Shanghai, ChinaDEC (U)35:00
WinSandro da Silva145Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation 10Aug 24th 2013Shanghai, ChinaKO12:10
WinChengjie Wu145Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation 8Feb 2nd 2013Mongolia, ChinaTKO14:22
WinChunbo Yuan145Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation 5Sep 8th 2012Mongolia, ChinaDEC (U)35:00
WinSandro da Silva145Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation 4Jun 30th 2012Mongolia, ChinaDEC (U)35:00
WinZhouwen Jiang155Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation 3Mar 24th 2012Chongqing, ChinaTKO13:05
WinJin Gang Wang155Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation 2Dec 17th 2011Chongqing, ChinaSUB (strikes)10:50
WinKoji Ando155Legend Fighting Championship 6Oct 30th 2011Macau, ChinaDEC (S)35:00
WinRamsey Dewey155Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation 1 - GenesisAug 27th 2011Shanghai, ChinaTKO1
WinKim Nam155Art Of War 10 - Final ConflictDec 23rd 2007Beijing, ChinaSUB (strikes)13:44
WinZidov Dominik155Art Of War 9 - Fists of FuryNov 25th 2007Beijing, ChinaKO10:13
DrawHaotian Wu155Art Of War 7Jul 28th 2007Beijing, ChinaDRAW25:00
winWang Lei155Art Of War 5Mar 31st 2007Beijing, ChinaTKO12:44
WinWang Cong155Art Of War 4Dec 22nd 2006Beijing, ChinaTKO10:23


(U) - Unanimous   (S) - Split   (M) - Majority